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Lar Center Inspiration: special balconies

Optimizing the environments is the great challenge for apartments with more and more precious footage. It is worth creating multifunctional spaces or using creativity to delimit areas in the same room. And in the case of balconies, the possibilities go further: everything you create there will have the special touch provided by the view to the outside area.

Whether to expand an environment or create a quiet corner, you can create environments beyond creative – without having to restrict yourself to the wave of the gourmet terrace.

However, it is necessary to take some points into consideration to make the most of the space. Check out some tips.

Extra space. Small apartment? Take advantage of the balcony to enlarge the room. Before breaking the walls, however, be aware of the incidence of the sun: without the balcony, it may be that he enters the room directly, which makes the environment become a branch of the Sahara desert. But you don’t have to give up on the dream of begging the living: invest in heat-treated glass to close the balcony.

The Durini Corda chaise, available at Breton, will steal the show on your porch – and make you forget life.

Office mode. The new normal is to have a corner to work inside the house – even if it is not every day. And doing it with a beautiful window makes work even more productive. Here, think about lighting: in order to work, ideally, the biggest source of light (in this case, the sun) is on the side, or you run the risk of having your computer screen all the time overshadowed. A good lighting project will save you headaches – after all, natural light will vary throughout the day. And believe me: a blind will make all the difference to dose the lighting input.

Hunter Douglas blinds help to define environments, control the entry of light and are still pure charm.

To see the band go by. The view to the outside area can be a real invitation to contemplation. So why not turn the balcony into a haven of peace and tranquility? A very lazy hammock or a nice chair and some plants can create the peaceful atmosphere your home needs. You can complement the idea with a wooden deck, typical of outdoor areas.

For the deck, you can make a custom design or use modules, such as the one available at Leroy Merlin, 50 cm x 50 cm.

Weather resistant. If the space is open or if it receives a lot of direct light, opt for furniture created specifically for outdoor areas, which are more resistant, waterproof and easier to clean. That way, you don’t have to worry about putting everything inside whenever it rains – or having your fabrics faded from always being in the sun. The same goes for plants: give preference to species that do better with a lot of sunlight and are resistant to wind.

Green refuge. If your dream is to have a garden, but the size of the apartment prevents it, no problem. It is possible to create a vertical version on the balcony itself. A wooden or metal grid already helps you to hang pots, besides being a great support for climbing species. You can also use pockets to set up a vertical mini garden. If you do not want to concentrate the plants on a single wall, a great solution is to hang them in strategic corners. For this, hanging vases are a classic, but you can go further, with terrariums (those arrangements made with glass jars, usually assembled as mini species), macrame stands or even kokedamas (a charming technique in which you create a plant in a acorn and leaves it hanging).

Created by architect and landscaper Mari Polesi for Art Ville, this environment uses plants and natural materials to create a natural haven within the home.

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