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  • I would like to work at Instituto Center Norte. What can I do?

    You can send your CV, with a description of you interest, for the department in charge of Instituto Center Norte. Send an email to institutocenternorte@centernorte.com.br or contact the administration phone number: +55 (11) 2224-5900.

  • I would like to work at the stores of Lar Center. Where can I check for job openings?

    Under Work With Us you can check for available openings at Lar Center’s stores. You can also get in touch with the store you’re interested in, by consulting the contact on the Stores page here at our website.

  • Where can I find information about the movie theater at Lar Center and the schedule of movie sessions?

    You can check the movie schedule of Cinemark under Movie Theather here at our website. Or get in touch directly with the administration of the theater by calling +55 (11) 5180-3551. Please be advised that the Cinemark chain has the right to change the movie schedule without prior warning.

  • How can I book a room at Novotel Center Norte?

    Get in touch directly with the hotel via the phone number +55 (11) 2224-4000, via the email reservas.novotelcenternorte@accor.com.br or via Novotel Center Norte website.

  • What are the opening hours of the mall?

    Our opening hours are as follows: The stores work from Monday to Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., and Sunday from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. Opening on holidays is optional for stores. The food court and entertainment areas work from Monday to Sunday, including holidays, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Please contact the stores directly if you have any question. The contact can be found under Stores on the website. Please see Selfit page for the gym opening hours.

  • Is there transportation from Lar Center to Center Norte or Expo Center Norte?

    We don’t currently offer this service. But there’s an exclusive service for Novotel guests, which is offered on event days at Expo Center Norte.

  • Where can I find information on stores & kiosks rental at Lar Center?

    You can find information on that on the Open your Store age at the website. If you prefer, you can contact the Advertising Department by email at merchandisign@centernorte.com.br or by the administration phone number: +55 (11) 2224-5959.

  • Where can I get the Center Norte and Lar Center Media Kit?

    You can request the Media Kit, with information on enterprises, possibilities of media usage and price list through our Merchandising page at the website. If you prefer, you can contact the Advertising Department by email at merchandisign@centernorte.com.br or by the administration phone number: +55 (11) 2224-5959.

  • I would like to distribute flyers at Lar Center. Who should I contact?

    Please contact the Mall through our Merchandising page at the website and our staff will examine your flyer distribution proposal. If you prefer, you can contact the Advertising Department by email at merchandisign@centernorte.com.br or by the administration phone number: +55 (11) 2224-5959.

  • How can I send a proposal to the Administration of Lar Center?

    You can send your proposal through the Contact Page at the website. Or you can send it by email to atendimento@certernorte.com.br and we will forward it to the corresponding department.

  • How can I send proposals to the stores at Lar Center?

    We suggest you contact the stores directly. You can find their contacts under Stores, Restaurants and Services at the website.

  • How can I contact the taxi stops at Center Norte or Lar Center?

    Use the following numbers:

    • Center Norte (Carrefour): +55 (11) 2221-3980.
    • Center Norte (Renner): +55 (11) 2221-8411 / +55 (11) 2221-0898.
    • Expo Center Norte: +55 (11) 2163-8800.
    • Lar Center: +55 (11) 2221-8166.
  • Where can I find the schedule for fairs and other events at Expo Center Norte?

    Access the Expo Center Norte website under the option Event Schedule. There you can find dates for all fairs and events taking place in the pavilions as well as their organizers contact information.

  • How can I get to Lar Center by public transportation (bus and subway)?

    The nearest subway station to Center Norte is Portuguesa - Tietê. Once you get there, look for the exit to Av. On Cruzeiro do Sul Avenue, you can take the (paid) bus 1730/10 Center Norte - Santana, which leaves from Santana subway station, passes by Portuguesa-Tietê station, at the bus stop on Avenida Cruzeiro do Sul.

    For further information about the best subway or bus routes to the mall, call the city hall service at 156, use the city hall route search or type “Lar Center” as your destination in your mobility app.

  • How will the theaters work? What are the adopted protocols?

    Cinemark, present in Center Norte and Lar Center, has partnered with Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein for the validation of protocols and protective measures. A group of infectious disease specialists has visited Cinemark facilities in the capital of São Paulo to verify the places that would be used by customers and staff so that they could make suggestions and collaborate on the designing of the protocols. The procedures adopted by Cinemark include temperature measurement before entering the auditorium, staggered seating (ensuring the maximum occupancy allowed) and virtual waiting lines for purchases in the concession stands. The cleaning processes were also fully redesigned: there will be dispensers for hand sanitizers in the premises, thorough and more frequent cleaning in the restrooms, in addition to the usage of PPE by the employees. In the auditoriums, high touch surfaces on all seats will be manually sanitized between each session.

  • How can I buy tickets? Do I have to stand in line?

    Cinemark has also adapted technologies so that customers can purchase tickets with the least interaction in order to avoid lines and to keep social distancing. Tickets can be purchased via through our app or by scanning the QR code at the movie theater communications. There are no extra fees applied to purchases of tickets or combos made directly at the theaters. The ATMs, located near the box offices, can also be used for ticket purchases. Only one cashier open exclusively for payments in cash which will feature floor markings in order to keep social distancing.

  • How can I buy popcorn, beverages and candy at the movie theaters?

    Popcorn and Cinemark’s products can be purchased through the app and at the ATMs. When the customer wants the order to be prepared, all they have to do is access the QR Code located in the communication materials, which will direct them to the Cinemark’s WhatsApp number through which they can send the order number. Customers also have the option to go to selected cashiers to perform their requests. To pick up orders at the concession stand, just wait until your number appears at the electronic panel – another resource to avoid lines and to keep social distancing. Consuming food and drinks is only allowed in the auditorium.

  • Which is the maximum capacity allowed in the theater?

    Cinemark is operating with a maximum capacity of 40% in SP, which we follow in Center Norte and Lar Center.

  • Is it allowed to remove our masks inside the auditorium?

    No, masks are required at all times inside or outside the theaters, as well as at any other businesses, according to the State Decree number 64.959. You can only take off your mask while eating or drinking.

  • Are Cinemark’s opening hours following the part-time schedule of the mall or does it have extended hours?

    Cinemark’s opening hours are in line with that of the malls, which is now from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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