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Home Center Inspiration: special plants

Land in sight

Whether to give time in so much concrete, or to make the environment more cozy, plants are great bets. From the most discreet to the most exuberant, they are a natural ornament for your decoration – and rarely diverge from the concept created for the environment.

However, the plant is a living being and requires certain precautions that need to be compatible with the space and the owner’s lifestyle – and believe me: it will make it very clear if you are unhappy with your choices. There is no point in buying that wonderful ficus lirata present in nine out of ten garden shops if you don’t have a window or balcony to place it close by. The rib of adam, a darling among the hipsters and holy ceciliers on the taco floor, will certainly complain about the excess of sun.

We have prepared some very practical tips to help you in this decision.

The ficus lirata reaches majestic proportions and steals the show in any environment.

THINK ABOUT YOUR ROUTINE. It has a plant that needs very frequent watering. Others are content with a little water every fortnight. There are plants that grow like gremlins and require pruning to remain presentable. And there are those that, as long as there is nothing wrong, stay there quietly in their corner. Are you distracted or have a routine full of commitments? Consider this so as not to carry the guilt of being a plant-fail parent!

Some low maintenance plants: begonia, cactus, chlorophyte, rib of adam, croton, dracena, sword-of-saint-jorge, hibiscus, boa, elephant’s foot, fern, succulents in general, violet, zamioculca.

This is the cactus-maracatu. Succulents in general (of which cacti are part) are extremely versatile.

WELL IN THE PHOTO (PHOTOSYNTHESIS, IN CASE). The nutrients that plants feed on come from water and land, but they also come from the sun! In that sense, shade plants have a very low appetite and do very well in a closed, poorly lit environment. The direct lighting ones really like to put their faces in the sun all day. The confusion is due to the half-shade plants, which require a middle ground: about four hours of direct lighting a day is enough. And be careful: a lot of people think that the environment receiving a lot of heat means that it is very bright. None of this: what counts in this account is the direct incidence of the sun.

Some shade plants: aglaonema, avenca, phytonia, lily-of-the-peace, maranta, pacová, dracena-pleomele, raffis, sigon and zamioculca.

A modern classic, the zamioculca is easy to care for and goes very well indoors.

Some plants with half shade: areca-bamboo, asparagus-fox-tail, bromeliads, colummies, dracena-rubra, sword-of-saint-jorge, philodendron, ivy, maria-without-shame and succulents.

Some plants with full sun: aloe, snakebeard, spring, cica, iresine, iuca, ixoras, jabuticabeira and lantana.

The conical palm has an exuberant shape and enjoys plenty of sunshine. It is ideal for balconies, gardens and backyards.

HARMONY BETWEEN THE SPECIES. Animals tend to be very curious when they find plants – in fact, when they find anything. But some species are toxic to animals! And it’s not even their fault: imagine how difficult it is to defend yourself from an enraged fauna with roots stuck to the ground. Only with poison! So if you have a cat, dog, parrot, parakeet, guinea pig or even a snowy owl, take this into account! And if your pet is sick after nibbling some plant, take it to the veterinarian along with a branch of the vegetable to show to the specialist.

Some plants that require animal care: anthurium, rue, hazelnuts, parrots, me-nobody-can, calla lily, crown-of-christ, sword-of-saint-jorge, broom, castor and trumpet.

Note: the plant suggestions in the photos are available from Leroy Merlin.

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