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Lar Center Inspiration: kitchens and design

Note and note
It is not today that the kitchen arouses an irresistible fascination in people. From the nostalgic and friendly Ofélia to the executioners of the Master Chef, TV always had celebrities who made fame with their bellies on the stove – and had kitchens to make any decorator envious. If you are an aspiring chef or just one just wears the apron from time to time to impress visitors, here are some tips to make your kitchen worthy of a cooking show setting. The menu is up to you, but this will certainly be the most delicious environment in the house!

Surfaces and finishes
Nowadays, there are coatings for all tastes, with the most complex shapes, patterns and textures. They are eye-catching – but they may not be very practical in some areas of the kitchen. Keep in mind that the surroundings of the stove tend to accumulate grease and can be difficult to clean. For the countertop, a similar reasoning applies: some stones are more porous and tend to stain when wet – which, in the kitchen, occurs all the time. In these two points, prioritize practicality over visual. For the rest, print your style without fear of being happy.

In this environment proposed by Val Center Planosados, the kitchen has full integration with the dining room and the living room, in addition to making the most of the space with built-in items.

Light menu
In the kitchen, lighting never hurts. Imagine that you are constantly measuring things and handling potentially dangerous items, such as knives or hot pots. In other words: it is good to be able to see well. If the room has only one spot of light and your countertop is close to the wall, you run the risk of shading the food all the time. It is worth adding new lighting points or even installing lights embedded in the cabinets.

Include ergonomics in the project
The bench can be a source of a headache – or a neck! Standing for a long time and looking down, the neck and shoulders may not be very happy. Solve this already in the project, with furniture designed for your height – or whoever will use the room more often.

Good planning is essential to optimize smaller spaces, as in this kitchen suggested by Italínea, which creates compartments on the table and takes advantage of part of the living room.

Style vs. cleanliness
There is a myth that light-colored coatings get more dirty. Balela: they dirty the same so much – but, yes, everything is more visible in them. When choosing dark colors, however, you run the risk of simply disguising the dirt – which, let’s face it, doesn’t match anything with the place where you prepare food.

With a club bar look, this kitchen proposed by Biblos Planados will be a separate attraction for your visits.

House of the future
You may not have enough space to accommodate all appliances, a large countertop and still have space to circulate smoothly. So it’s worth optimizing: instead of a conventional stove, a cooktop ends up being a continuation of the countertop, which can have the oven and even the built-in dishwasher. Depending on the project, you can leave these devices hidden, and activate them only when necessary – and even with motorized controls!

With an Italian design, the gas crystal cooktop from CrissAir integrates easily with any countertop and is available in different sizes.

Foreign inspiration
One way to optimize the space already well known by Brazilians is the so-called American kitchen: instead of being closed, this room is delimited by a bench, which connects to the dining room or living room. This way, you get space to prepare food or even for quicker meals – and you can still position the camera if you want to make a gourmet youtuber.

In this environment proposed by Val Center Planosados, the kitchen has full integration with the dining room and the living room, in addition to making the most of the space with built-in items.

Everything in planning
When thinking about decoration, you soon think about furniture, right? In the case of the kitchen, however, just as important are the appliances. So take into account the size of the items you will need, such as a refrigerator and stove, to avoid the risk of not fitting – or having to buy a smaller one.

UD House has a whole line with built-in accessories, which make the surfaces of your kitchen much more functional and without losing its elegance.

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