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Lar Center Inspiration: make room for the new!

Organizing the home is therapy for some, but real torture for others. However, every sacrifice has its reward: a tidy environment means a tidy head – and we are not the one saying: studies indicate that it even helps to deal better with mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression. And so many people are worried about it, that organization experts have even become celebrities – Marie Kondo say it! The very nice Japanese author has won millions of fans by creating a method of her own that, among other things, suggests that you only keep what makes you happy. For the rest, total detachment!

Inspired by her – and other tips out there – we have prepared some suggestions for you to leave the house tidy and get rid of what accumulates a mess without fear of being happy.

The 90 rule. Do you know that miraculous gym equipment that convinced you that ten minutes of cycling every 15 days would make you the official look-alike of Grazi Massafera? If you use it, wonderful, focus on the goal! But if it didn’t even come out of the box and its greatest use is to accumulate dust at a rate above the Selic rate, it may be that it is not doing the environment very well. This rule proposes the following: observe an object and ask yourself the following questions: have I used this in the last 90 days? Do I intend to use it in the next 90? No, it is not? Admit it: the chance that you will never use this item is very high. Let go without guilt! I guarantee that the house will be much lighter.

The rule of 20. Shoot the first inkless pen who does not have a drawer full of cacarecos just “just in case”. After all, you never know when you will urgently need those paper clips, a handful of clips, empty bottles of shampoo, rolls of durex near the end, shoe boxes or whatever else your accumulating imagination can fantasize about. Get out of that drawer that doesn’t belong to you! The question here is: if I need to buy any of these objects, will I spend more than R $ 20? The value here is just an example, you can establish yours. The point is, sometimes we accumulate things that are neither so useful nor so precious. Easier to buy when you need it – if that moment is going to arrive anytime soon!

This drawer organizer, available from Camicado, is adjustable, so you are free to create compartments of the size you need.

The rule of 30. This is similar to the previous one, but with a difference: depending on the object, it is even cheap, but it is not so easy to find – so it is worth reconsidering with affection. The question is, if I buy this, will it take me less than 30 minutes to find it? If so, relax and make room for the new in your life!

Let’s do it by steps. After choosing what to throw away, let’s focus on what remains. Separate things by categories – some experts even defend certain criteria, such as dividing clothes by type of fabric or colors, but you can follow the reasoning that makes the most sense for you. If your cabinets or drawers have very spacious areas, the ideal is to divide them into smaller compartments. But you can also use mobile boxes or dividers to make organizing easier.

In this environment created by Bontempo, the bookcase is all leaked and has compartments of different sizes, which helps when organizing items

Everything in sight. If you’re on the “out of your eyes, out of your heart” team, rethink: when you least expect it, your closet can become an avalanche of knick-knacks, capable of causing seismic shocks. This tip looks like torture, but it works: open cupboards are a great incentive for you to keep everything organized, to know the items you have and to avoid buying unnecessary things. If you have sneeze attacks just by imagining dust lodging in everything, you can opt for transparent doors. Oh, and remember: make frequently used objects more accessible. Those who use little can stay at the top or at the bottom.

The bed is a great ally to expand the spaces available to store things. You can do this with a chest box or with a drawer, like this super charming model available at Cia. Das Camas.

Porta-tudo. If there is an area where creativity exists, it is organization – and we are not talking about filling the house with boxes. Nowadays, there are hooks with pockets to hang in the wardrobe, flexible shoe holders to hang behind the door, railings to create terraces inside the closet, hooks for tools on the wall and even a support for hanging kitchen utensils on the ceiling – yes. crazy! With all these options, it is even ugly to find an excuse to make the house messy, huh.

The Infinity organizer box, available at Camicado, has holes that play with op art. It has different size options, so you can fit it in the cabinets.

Rethink. After separating boxes and more boxes of junk to throw away, think about the environment. See what can be recycled or reused by others!

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