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Lar Center Tips: Sustainable Homes

June 5th is Environment Day. Lar Center has sustainability as one of the pillars of its operations. Therefore, we have prepared some tips on what it takes to build or transform your house into a sustainable home. Check them out!

Sustainable houses are those that are planned and built in a way that minimally harm the environment. The concept integrates a series of ideas that range from bioclimatic constructions and sustainable architecture to the best application of techniques and processes of low energy consumption in the structure, reused materials, and ingredients that cause reduced impact on nature.

Green roof

This technique consists essentially in waterproofing the roof of the house to then receive fertile soil and vegetation, creating a hanging garden over the house, which enables thermal reduction inside the house. The composition of this type of roof is divided into 6 layers, firstly the slab that needs to be designed to support the load of the vegetation, followed by the waterproofing that is usually done using an asphalt blanket.

Rainwater Capture

Rainwater can be reused in many ways, but it is important to separate rainwater from the drinking water that is piped into the mains. This water can also be used for cleaning – such as flushing toilets – or cleaning objects such as cars, clothes, and areas of the house.

Sunlight harvesting

The environmentally friendly method is the one that uses special plates to capture solar energy: photovoltaic panels. The solar panels on the roof react with the sunlight and, using a solar inverter, convert the solar energy into electrical energy. This energy goes to the light board and is then distributed to the house.

Natural ventilation

The economy in the ecological house also remains when it comes to air circulation in its internal spaces, in a way that favors the aeration accommodated by the natural movements of the wind in the place. This greatly reduces the use of fans and air conditioners.

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