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Have you been cleaning your fridge?

In this quarantine the opening and closing of the refrigerator has increased and the amount of food purchased, too! It looks like we want to eat or nibble on something all the time, right?

So, at this point it is even more important to have an organized and clean refrigerator. But what should we do?

It’s simple! We separate three steps for you to leave your sanitized and organized:

Take everything out of the fridge and organize the food. See what is due and must go to waste. Everything that remains, must be cleaned with alcohol. Fruits and vegetables should be cleaned and placed in plastic containers
Efficient cleaning: with the refrigerator empty, wash the loose parts and use a sponge with detergent all over it. Then remove the excess with a dry cloth.
Place an odor neutralizer on the inside. So, she will have a smell
Now, keep it organized and clean!

(Source: Bettanin)

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