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A rug makes a difference in the environment!

It gives charm to the environment and makes the room more cozy and filled. And we love a special touch in decor, right ?!

We can say that the carpet options are endless. We have big, small, cute ones, the finer ones and many others. The fact is that he is able to give more personality to the environments and make the space incredible!

For you to choose the size, think first if it will define a space. If the answer is yes, it should be between 15 and 20 centimeters larger than the area in question. If the piece goes to the dining room, be based on the size of the table and leave a slack so that the chair does not curl up on the carpet when it is time to move it away to sit and stand.

They are so powerful, they can be just a neutral finish or the main piece of space. If this is objective, choose one with striking shapes and colors. For smaller spaces, it is legal to use the round ones, just as a touch of charm.

Oh, and a nice tip is: if you have a pet at home, choose an easy to wash option with a thin thickness.

And for greater safety, always place a felt or a rubber mat under the rugs so that it does not slip.

Finally, did you know that Carpetão Decorações here at Lar Center is serving via WhatsApp? Just send a message to (11) 98855-4242. Enjoy and buy a new tape!

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