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Do you want a room that looks like a decorating magazine?

We invite the girls of @studiomacarq to give simple, practical and very modern tips for you to make your room look like a magazine. The architects Carol Multini and Marina Salomão recently transformed this room of a teenager to remove the child’s face and the result is incredible. And the best, without spending a lot. Details that make the difference!

  1. Change the cabinet doors, you can exchange the doors for another model or simply paint the doors.
  2. Paint a wall with the color you prefer so that it is the highlight of the room.
  3. Use a composition of pictures, you can use color, to brighten and highlight the wall.
  4. Different headboard: think of something you can do yourself to create your headboard, here we use a painted wooden panel.
  5. Using a bench as a nightstand, it can be a very different and modern model, so it becomes more stripped down.
  6. Use a lamp to compose the decoration, here we use a wall model, composing with the pictures and we use a table lamp to help at the time of work.
  7. When assembling the decoration, choose the objects that most represent you and use it with books, the tip is to go composing the decoration using vertical and horizontal elements. A nice trick is to place two to three books flat on the ground and place another decorative object on top of the books. Also check out super interesting tips that the girls gave about decoration, construction and renovation in this video of our Lar Center channel on Youtube, access here.

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