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The benefits of plants in the home office environment

In times of quarantine and social isolation, plants are great allies when it comes to exercising the home office. Find out why!

By Drica Rosa

It is proven that plants have health benefits, so it is obvious that having them in the work environment is good for the mind and performance.

They reduce stress and that is why it is ideal to put some green in your work corner. In addition, they give personality to your daily activity space and this is important, as experts suggest that during the home office a specific space is chosen, so that you have an organization for the beginning and end of tasks.

They are also excellent antidotes for improving our mood and sense of well-being. So, nothing more suitable in this period than to have some scattered around the house.

See ideal species for you to have on your desk or in your work corner:

Espada de São Jorge: offers protection to the place
Succulent: they are small and adapt well in any environment
Violets: adapt well to closed places
Zamioculcas: they are very showy and need little care
Now it’s time to choose yours and make your work environment even more cozy and productive.

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