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Home Center Inspiration: Happy Old Year

Retro is an extremely broad concept – and constantly changing! What is vintage today was the fever of the different ones some twenty years ago. To paraphrase the late Belchior, “The past is a suit that no longer suits us”, but that would make someone very happy in a hipster thrift store.

The fact is that the past exerts a strange fascination among people – see the endless wave of remakes of old films or the series that lurk in this imaginary, such as “Stranger things”, “Dark” or the second season of “The umbrella academy ”.

In other words: while the future is the terrain of the uncertain, the past is the panacea for good memories that never come back.

They don’t come back, but they can serve as inspiration, especially in the decoration. And the cool thing is that the past may not necessarily be old. Like this? That’s right. Turn and move, a revamped version of some older reference appears. The baroque rococo twists, for example, were reborn with more contemporary materials, such as lacquer, shiny textures or metallic colors, which would make the room where Bach rehearsed his organ more like a Katy Perry clip.

And you don’t have to jump with both feet in a certain aesthetic. A touch here and there already leaves the room full of style – and able to confuse an eventual traveler in the time that he lands in your living room.

Industrial design, almost ubiquitous in contemporary projects, is a great example of these contrasts. Notice: it always comes with rustic textures, like concrete and rough wood, and the color of oxidized metal, but, ironically, almost never with a hi tech footprint.

Whatever the period of history that brings you memories of what you have not yet experienced, with the right items and a little bit of creativity, you turn the house into the perfect place where you can plant your friends, your records, your books, and nothing else .

At Liquidação Já Pro Lar Center you will find several options in the most retro style on offer. Check out:

KitchenAid’s baton, available at the Fast Shop, has a touch of futurism from the 60s, almost the “future nostalgia” described by Dua Lipa. Buy here.
You do not need an entirely Provencal environment for this Berger armchair, from BeB, to reign majestically in your living room. See more information here
This pan from Le Creuset, available at Doural, may have a farm feel, but it is super modern and goes on the induction cooker. Check values here.
While some furniture uses an old model with new materials, the Vicki armchair, available at Líder, does the opposite: bold design, but with more classic materials. Buy by WhatsApp accessing here
The buttons on this Italínea armchair are pure retro, but in a somewhat futuristic design, which gives it a unique design. Check it out here.

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