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Lar Center Inspiration: Illuminist Brotherhood

Light is perhaps the most mysterious element of the decoration. It transforms environments with more ease than any other furniture. If it wasn’t enough to vary it throughout the day, you can switch from water to wine in a snap.

From the technician to the deco, the lighting lends itself to a multitude of functions, with specifics for each type of environment. Check out some tips below.

The kitchen is a space for very manual and methodical tasks. Here, it is worth a very uniform lighting, with several points, without so much concern with effects. Watch out for shadow spots, especially if there is, for example, a cabinet module above the sink. It may be the case of complementing the light with small spots in that area. As for the dining room, use a charming chandelier to give your meals a new look. Just be careful not to hit your head: try to leave chandeliers or pendants at least 70 centimeters from the table top.

In a mobile format, this chandelier fulfills the function of illuminating, but it also easily becomes the protagonist of the environment. You can find this option at Yamamura in Liquidação Já Pro Lar Center, see here.

The living room is a cozy environment – and, believe me, you won’t want white, intense lighting like a doctor’s office. Yellowish lights create a more cozy environment, ideal for resting after a busy day or for a relaxed chat between friends.

This ceiling fan with lamp attached by practicality without giving up elegant shapes. See all the details of this Yamamura chandelier here.

If the idea is to give your eyes a break and take your head off the alert, bet on indirect lighting, which is more intimate. You can achieve this effect either with luminaires with frosted filters or with points of light aimed at walls or even the ceiling itself. To perform some more practical activity in this environment, such as reading, you can have a secondary lamp, positioned next to the bed or armchair.

With a futuristic feel, this chandelier is a beautiful set of simple and elegant shapes. You can find this piece in Liquidação Já Pro Lar Center, click here and check the details.

The environment is more versatile when you control the intensity of the lighting. And you don’t even need to install multiple points of light on different switches. Just use a dimmer, a device similar to a radio volume. Thus, you adapt the brightness to the activity – and mood – of the moment.

Many were not very prepared to set up a home office at home, and lighting is generally not among the priorities – not least because the first part of the body to manifest itself with the inadequate structure is usually the spine. Offices have a level of lighting regulated by technical standards, something that we hardly have at home. So stay tuned: try to work near a source of natural light, but neither in front of it (in order not to dazzle you) nor in the back (in order not to impair the computer’s visualization). Ideally, it should be on the side. Complement the window with a luminaire or a spotlight focused on your new workstation. Here, it is worth prioritizing white light.

One of the geeks’ darlings is the smart light bulb. With a remote control or even via an application, you can choose the color, intensity or program sequences. It is ideal for a good chromotherapy session, to set a party or even to increase the scenery for aspiring youtuber!

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