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Home Center delivering by delivery

Stores such as Viena deliver orders by delivery, using Rappi, Uber, Uber Eats and iFood applications.

Questions about participating stores: access the link here or send a WhatsApp message to (11) 94075.9256.

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Lar Center is concerned with your health and with efforts to reduce contamination by corona viruses. But it is normal that you have doubts about the use of delivery.

Below, the answers from Átila Iamarino, biologist and doctor in microbiology from USP, quoted in UOL’s article, about the most frequently asked questions about delivery in times of the corona virus.

Is it safe to receive delivery these days?

According to Attilia, this is one of the most efficient ways to avoid the circulation of people and contact between them. “There is little danger of transmission” in this practice. “Food does not, as far as is known, carry the virus. There are no recorded cases. It is more likely that it can be in the packaging ”.

And how to sanitize the packaging?

As soon as you get home, just clean your hands [with water and soap or alcohol gel] and the container where the food arrived with 70% alcohol. This is the recommendation of the experts.

And what is the safest way to receive?

The recommendation is to make the payment directly through the application, without having to deal with money or swipe the card. You do not need to make direct contact with the delivery person. You can arrange with him to leave your order at the door or at the concierge. You take it off when he’s gone.

Delivery companies united in the name of security

It is worth remembering that all delivery companies, such as Ubber, Rappi and iFood are adopting the best practices to avoid contamination during these days. If you find it necessary, do not hesitate to consult the websites of the companies that are delivering or contact them to clarify your doubts.

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