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Center Norte Institute supports movement #FamíliaApoiaFamília

The Instituto Centro Norte, a non-profit organization created by Cidade Center Norte, joined the #FamilyApoiaFamília movement to help five social projects in the North Zone that provide assistance to people in situations of social vulnerability. The campaign’s goal is to raise approximately R $ 1.3 million to benefit, according to NGOs, more than 3,300 families.

You can help! Cash donations can be made through the platform # FamíliaApoiaFamília CLICK HERE and access.

All donations will be donated to food, hygiene and cleaning products, clothing and other essential items for everyday life, with the purpose of protecting and supporting those who need it most during the crisis caused by the new coronavirus. The action should also generate income for local suppliers, since the items will be purchased directly from merchants in the region.

Check out the supported projects below and choose which one you want to help:

Instituto Espaço Vida grows: the NGO’s mission is to guarantee service to the residents of the Zaki Narchi and Flamengo communities, in addition to shelters in São Paulo’s ZN. Altogether there will be 568 families, through access to basic food and hygiene items;
Instituto Edizando: the NGO needs assistance to bring baskets of non-perishable food and kits with hygiene and cleaning products to 250 vulnerable families living in the communities of the Tremembé district;
PAC Child Friendly Project: the project works to keep communities protected, especially during quarantine, in addition to ensuring the minimum necessary for the well-being of people living in the communities of Cantagalo, Vila Zatt, Vila Mirante and Paquetá. The NGO serves more than 1,000 families.
Solid Rock Brasil: serves 550 families in the Vila Maria and Parque Novo Mundo neighborhoods and has the following fronts: an Institutional Reception Service for Children and Adolescents (SAICA), two Centers for Children and Adolescents (CCA) and a Center for Children and Adolescents Social and Productive Development for Adolescents, Youth and Adults (CEDESP). The NGO, which helps people in extreme poverty, guarantees at least two meals a day to all those served;
Instituto Resgatando Vidas: NGO accelerated by Gerando Falcões, which aims to serve at least 1,000 families from poor communities in Vila Nova Cachoeirinha and ensure that they have access to food and hygiene products.

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