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Drive Thru

Buy Online with the Shopping tenants and remove the product through Drive Thru

Lar Center offers customers the option to make their purchases through the Drive Thru service located in the parking lot and with opening hours from 11am to 7pm.

You can do your shopping remotely (by email, phone, WhatsApp) and pick up directly with the shopkeeper in the identified area. The cars will enter through Avenida Otto Baumgart 500, parking E (next to the walkway) and there will be a parking attendant for guidance. Each customer must park his car in a numbered spot and contact the shopkeeper to come to the place where he parked.

We reinforce that the customer will not be able to access the store. We suggest the use of masks and hand hygiene and that payment be made in advance (by bank transfer, for example) to minimize the time spent on site.

Communication with the customer, from sale to order withdrawal, is the responsibility of each storekeeper. Every product must be cleaned by the shopkeeper and the customer must be informed of this process.

Questions about participating stores: access the link here or send a WhatsApp message to (11) 94075.9256.

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