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How to decorate with frames?

Frames are excellent options for changing an environment and bringing a space to life. Learn how to use this object correctly and without running the risk of making mistakes

By Drica Rosa

A composition with several pictures gives personality to an environment and removes the monotony that may be in the space. In addition, it is an affordable option with models with excellent cost-benefit.

Some tips are important to achieve that decorated apartment effect and have an amazing wall:

Play with the frames: don’t think that making a composition necessarily needs to have the same frames. Playing with shapes and colors brings modernity.
Frame size: the more different the size of the screens, the better. Imagine that you will make a puzzle on the wall.
Perfect mix: mix photos, illustrations and phrases. This gives a very nice effect.
Distance between them: in this case, the distance must be equal. The more different, the more it will feel like a mess.
Planning: you need to assemble your composition before going to the wall. Do simulations with them on the floor, until you reach the desired result and then hang them.

Tips for accessing:

On Pinterest, if you type “montage frames” ideas and schemes will appear for you to assemble a composition without errors.

By typing “frame composition”, there will be many ideas for you to use as inspiration!

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