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Decoration is a true therapy: colors, shapes, textures and materials open our minds to an infinite number of combinations and are able to compose the environment of our dreams. But although there is always something new in the market, a trend on the horizon or a new way of applying a certain idea, one thing never goes out of style: the warmth of your home – this includes the furniture you choose, it is true, but it goes well beyond .

This carpet from Carpetão shows that any place can be a good place to stretch your legs and relax a little. Take advantage of the Liquidation Já Pro Lar Center.

Of course, it helps if you have a sofa that more closely resembles a warm hug or a cushion more companion than your childhood teddy bear – who can’t resist a fluffy blanket or walking barefoot on a shaggy rug? But other elements also come into the equation that turns a simple home into a sweet home.

Seriously: with a blanket like this, available at Doural, would you want to get out of bed? You can find this option in Liquidação Já Pro Lar Center.

The X of the matter is that comfort goes beyond the physical and excels for the emotional, for the affective memory, for the memories you create of the place. So it is worth taking care of the personalization to make the environment an extension of your head and that of the other residents.

Wallpapers, like the ones on sale at Casa Vitta, are a great way to bring a sad wall to life. In addition to the multitude of color and pattern options, some manufacturers still make customized versions. Check out all the options at Liquidação Já Pro Lar Center.

If you have doubts about how to do this, we can start at the beginning: frames and trinkets are a great first step. Works of art, posters or wallpapers also express your personality and recall remarkable moments. Family objects in a prominent position can yield great stories to tell. If the conversation is more heady, there is nothing like a bookshelf so you don’t miss a subject. And to tell you that your house does not live in the past only to have environments conducive to pleasant living and chats are welcome to create future good memories.

In addition to keeping records of good times, Adere’s frames have a handcrafted feel, which makes them unique and personalized pieces. At Liquidação Já Pro Lar Center you will find these and other options.

Either to enjoy a little laziness, or to receive friends, all of this will help you to make the house become the place you want to go when, well, you want to feel at home.

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