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Lar Center Inspiration: tools 1001 utilities

The world has never been easier – and yet so complicated! In the smartphone era, we have a multitude of products in the palm of our hand, and the easiest thing is to buy a car in a matter of days, call a plumber in a matter of hours or even find a place that delivers brigadeiro in the middle of the night in question of minutes.

What the cell phone does not do, however, is adjust that frame that is crooked, fix that chair that walks a little soft or calm the hinge of that door that crumbles every time someone enters the room. For everyday things, there is nothing like having a good old toolbox on hand, a very powerful utility belt capable of transforming a mere Bruce Wayne into a real Batman for home repairs.

But start at the beginning: instead of turning your home into a branch for a repair shop, keep in mind that some key items already help to solve most of the basic problems. And for the most complex cucumbers, you can call a professional to solve everything without a hoax.

We have prepared a short list to help you assemble your box.

Almost everything that needs to be assembled, whether it is furniture or an appliance, has a screw. And they come in sizes of the most varied. How to make? Need to buy all possible sizes of wrenches? Nothing like that. If you have three of each (one small, one medium and one large), you can solve a lot of things. Just be careful: a screwdriver (for those screws with a “-” shaped cavity) can even be used in place of a philips wrench (for screws with a “+” shaped cavity), but it can end up dusting the screw head, so it’s better not to mix things up. The Allen key, the L-shaped one with a hexagonal profile, is more specific and cannot be used in other types of screws. Combined keys (mouth on one end and star on the other) are very useful, but they can hardly be used on things of different sizes – in this case,

Beginner: you acquire your tools little by little, as you need to solve a little thing or another at home. To store them, use a box with compartments and dividers, like this Stanley model.

Here is a versatile tool: clamp, tighten, bend, reach difficult corners and, depending on the material, such as electrical wires, even cut. Just don’t leave the cable without the sheath, as you risk getting a shock!

Enthusiast: some very specific equipment makes life easier if you perform a certain activity frequently. This is the case with the screwdriver, like this one from Wesco.

Some things are only resolved with force. It’s just not worth aiming wrong and end up hitting your finger! For more delicate services, there are options with a shorter handle, which fits in the palm of your hand. And if you fix the nail in the wrong place, you can use the claws of the tool to remove it.

drill, sander, saw, vaporizer and many other devices are a hand in the wheel in our day to day. But their wires may not take them as far as we would like. An extension solves the problem.

Adhesive tapes
In the film “Change of habit 2”, one of the characters, a nun, shares an infallible method of solving her problems: “Everything in life is possible when you take a little faith and a roll of masking tape with you.” Complete the teaching with electrical tape, adhesive, thread sealant and double-sided tape, and you will be ready for any challenge!

Weekend DIY: a little key or two is just too much for your desire to get your hands dirty. A more complete kit, like this one from Dexter, has tools of various sizes and for the most varied purposes

The old saying “those who don’t glue do not leave school” has a background of truth: many everyday messes can be fixed with this versatile material. It’s just not worth trying to use quick-drying ones for any material – at the risk of making the patch even worse than the disaster. PVC glues, widely used for pipes, are usually quite versatile.

Measuring tape
This is a basic survival item – inside and outside the home. In addition to helping with small repairs, it prevents you from buying an item that does not fit in the desired place. In other words: it is worth having one in your pocket whenever you think about buying furniture or appliances.

Saw arch
Here is a note: each material, such as wood, metal or plastic, has a corresponding saw. Be aware of this so as not to leave your saw – blind or toothless – in the first few movements: it can break and still get stuck in the piece. For less rigid or flat materials, make it simple: scissors and a stylus will do the job.

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