Av. Otto Baumgart,500
Vila Guilherme - Zip Code: 02049-900
São Paulo / SP - Phone: (11) 2224-5959
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Phone: +55 (11)2224-5959
Opening Hours
Monday to Saturday: 10h to 22h
Sundays: 14h to 20h
Holidays: Optional
Food Court and Leisure Area
Monday to Sunday, including holidays: 10h to 22h

Decathlon (Monday to Friday – From 10h 22h)/(Saturday – From 10h to 22h)/(Sunday and Holidays – From 10h to 21h);
Leroy Merlin (Monday to Saturday – From 8h to 22h)(Sunday and holidays – From 10h to 20h);
O Compadre (Monday to Friday – From 12h to 16h (Lunch)/Monday to Friday – From 19h to 23h30 (Dinner)/Saturdays – From 12h to 17h30 (Lunch)/Saturdays – From 19h to 00h00 (Dinner)/Mondays and holidays – From 12h to 18h (Lunch)/Mondays and holidays – From 18h to 22h (Dinner);
Mc Café (Monday to Saturday – From 10h to 22h)/(Mondays and holidays – From 10h to 22h);
Viena (Monday to Wednesday – From 10h to 22h15)/(Friday and Saturday – From 10h to 22h30)/(Monday and holidays – From 10h to 22h);
Casa Tua (Monday to Saturday – From 12h to 22h)/(Sunday and holidays – From 12h to 20h);
Bradesco Bank Agency – Time Extended Service. Our management sevice are Monday through Friday from 10h to 18h30